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Mechanical Consulting Engineering

Principal Bio

J. Shane Albertson

J. Shane Albertson, PE, LEED AP
Mechanical Engineer
Albertson Engineering Inc.
St. Paul, MN

DESIGN EXPERIENCE: With 39 years in consulting engineering, facility engineering and manufacturing engineering, Mr. Albertson has been responsible for many diverse commercial, industrial, educational, medical and institutional projects. His experience in the design of HVAC systems, mechanical systems, plumbing systems, fire protection systems, controls systems and energy analysis includes:

Air system design and renovation
Refrigeration system upgrades
Heat recovery
Thermal energy storage systems
Process and special exhaust systems

Central chiller plant additions and upgrades
Primary/secondary pumping
Boiler plant upgrades
Process steam systems

Plumbing and Process Piping:
Commercial and industrial plumbing design, additions and upgrades
Process chemical delivery systems

Fire and Life Safety:
Sprinkler system design, upgrades and additions
Standpipe systems
Pre-action fire protection systems
Fire pump additions

Facility Management and Controls Systems:
Facility management system benchmarks
Integration of facility management systems into existing building operations
Direct digital control system design and conversions

Energy Analysis:
Energy use profiles and budgets
Life cycle costing of HVAC systems and alternatives
Life cycle costing of various building envelope alternatives
HVAC system commissioning and temperature control system commissioning